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皇家彩票网投信誉平台:中国:对美301调查 将以同规模、金额和强度回击(上)

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内容摘要:--------------------------------------------Beijing will not hesitate to take furthercountermeasures in case Washington decides to impose a ...



Beijing will not hesitate to take furthercountermeasures in case Washington decides to impose a new round of tariffhikes against Chinese goods, with China
’sambassador to the US promising a swift and “proportional” response.
China's Ambassador to the United States CuiTiankai said that the new fares on 128 US goods that took effect on Monday werea direct and measured response only to the US increase of steel and aluminumtariffs
– but not the planned hike ofduties on other Chinese imports ordered by President Donald Trump.
“We will certainly take countermeasures of the same proportion andthe same scale, same intensity,” Cui Tiankai saidTuesday according to China Global Television Network.
While Beijing had previously signaled that itwas ready to go toe-to-toe with Washington
’strade war, Cui clearly stated that the latest measures are just the beginning.He said China has yet to decide on its countermeasures against a package oftariffs targeting more than 100 types of Chinese goods, ranging from clothingto electronics – if and when they are officiallyintroduced.
On March 22, while announcing the suite oftariffs, which potentially target some $60-billion worth of Chinese exports,Donald Trump said it would help the US to reduce trade imbalances with Chinaand curb the alleged theft of American intellectual property. Hisadministration accused Beijing of making
“state-led,market-distorting efforts to force, pressure, and steal US technologies andintellectual property.”
Washington is expected to unveil the list oftargeted Chinese imports this week.
Rejecting the accusations of mass intellectualproperty theft, the envoy emphasized that China has been steadily strengtheningits efforts and legal system, and is always ready to
“look at the specific cases if there’s anyviolation of intellectual property rights… no matter bywhoever.”
“The real question is how we can make all the technology benefit asmany people as possible and all the economies, all the people, will benefitfrom such programs and there would be a better life for everybody,” Cui Tiankai added. “It’s not a matter of who will get supremacy, sort of.”





The one that started the economic war withsanctions, and now with tariffs, has no one to blame but themselves.


Trump and the US have long blamed China forAmericad job loses. When the truth is machines stole Americas jobs.
And Trumps tax plan has tax incentives forcompanies to replace staff with robots.  The trade war is just the coverfor the losses to come.


its American Business Council that is protestingthe Trump tariffs.
Trump's narrative has always been the Rednecknarrative.
So the best way China tarrif is to hit theRedneck regions.


The US did lose about 5.6m manufacturing jobsbetween 2000 and 2010. But according to a study by the Center for Business andEconomic Research at Ball State University, 85 per cent of these jobs lossesare actually attributable to technological change
— largely automation — rather than internationaltrade. The US is on a course to lose 73m more jobs with Automation by 2030.


That's a bit disingenuous of you, while you arecorrect, you forgot to mention that most manufacturing jobs left the US in thelate 80s and 90s


Don't forget all the greedy, massive Americancompanies - who use cheap Asian and Mexican labour to increase their profitmargins...!! Leaving Americans out of work and claiming benefits...!!


in the past 40yrs, amerika has been provokingchina in all areas (ie backing china's enemies [ie dalai, tw, hk, thad],banning chinese cars, etc) time after time, and each time, china backs down


The US did this to Japan in the 80s, and isdoing it to China now. Unlike Japan though, China is not a country underoccupation and understands that this isn't just about trade.  Anyway, hopethe US will not be in position to do it to India when your country is developedenough to be seen as a challenge to the US.



I am so happy that leaders are finally standingup against the dictating tyrants.


Look up what tyrant means. What country is bestdescribed as being governed in tyranical ways. It's not really possible for atyrant to rule America.


ou correct.  Not a tyrant, but a handful oftyrants.

你说的对。不是一个暴君,而是一些暴君。(译者加:文字游戏 a tyrant,上面那句理解为暴君,下面为一个暴君)

You are a charlatan


Stop believing in ideals and start taking a lookaround.
Travel outside the US if you have not done soyet, you can't see the country from the inside, you are too close.


You are absolutely right that it's run by ahandful of tyrants. Their expensive campaigns are financed by the same group ofpeople. While in office, it's payback time and act to please the lobbiestgroups to ensure re-elections. Only indoctrinated democraziers think they havedemocracy as if their votes make a difference. They are made to think they arefree and their votes are powerful and privileged!


the US  ... exercise power in a"Cruel" and "Unreasonable arbitrary way", both domesticallyand globally.


Are you kidding me?


Yes indeed, around  30 million killed bythe US since the end of WW2. Disgusting.


Don't forget they funded the Nazi.


You look it up , genius , the US is a globaltyrant  , a pariah nation , look that up .



Interesting to watch the World's biggesteconomy(on paper) compete with the World's biggest economy (in real terms).
I have a feeling that the Americans are about tolearn a very painful lesson.


People usually think that, but nope, neverhappens.


This is inevitable the American consumer willsuffer. There is no more money left to borrow and credit card charges passed1.2 trillion this year. Inflation is eating up any profit and pension growth.The US is living in humility right now.


YOu need to do more research, The US is brokeand a dying empire ... the childish behaviour you're seeing now is just a finalditch effort to survive.  Once people dump the petro dollar the US is donefor .... just you wait there is a very big crash about to happen on wallstreet.


The west is still stuck in the post world war,cold war mentality.  The rest of the world is moving onward and will leavethem in their dust.


The West think they are the "World",arrogant lot will learn the opposite soon enough.


Still believing in your exceptionalism? You areblind to the facts. Open your eyes. I left the US and now I see what's reallygoing on. I feel sorry for your ignorance.


Your own democratic party rigged the primariesin ur country and right now they along with the deep state are attempting to asoft coup d'
état and trying to impeach theelected president.


They'll come out with a "noble" excuseand shift the blame to China using their usual tactics of distortion anddisinformation. They'll even solicit the West bloc and the usual spinelessvassals to join in in the defamation.


Nobody needs the US anymore. They have become aparasite.



How so both have the largest gold reserves inthe world.
The US has printed money and debt. When the USpetro dollar dies to the yuan petro dollar very soon the US will be a civil warzone.


The US has the largest gold reserves in theworld by far and is sitting on 150 trillion worth of oil and natural gas onfederal lands


The federal reserve has never been audited andmost people suspect they have no gold left, in fact when Germany asked fortheir gold back the US initially was unable to provide it nor would they letGermany see it.


In 1940 the US had 49 billion dollars in debtand 19453 metric tons of gold.
In 2018 the US has over 21 trillion dollars indebt and only 8133 metric tons of gold.
Wake up.


Likely not true but even if it was this wealthwould only end up in rich men's pockets while the rest of you will get foodstamps if you're lucky.
Also it's common knowledge that the US goldvaults are empty. Look at the panic that happened when Germany said it wantedits gold back.


The US has plundered gold from all over theworld and does it's trade with Paper. They have more gold than anyone.Returning to the Gold standard is still good though, because it means the USwealth is no longer unlimited.






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